Our wonderful customers are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.

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“I am an experienced yoga practitioner, but had never done SUP until Veronica introduced me to SUP yoga. She skillfully and patiently instructed me in the basics of paddling and maneuvering on the board. Adding yoga postures to the mix was really fun, and challenging as well! Poses that seem easy to me on a mat took on a whole new level of challenge and concentration when on the paddle board, and I could see how this practice is a great way to develop better balance and core strength. Veronica’s careful guidance and relaxed presence made it a delightful experience.” – Jyoti

“I am new to paddleboarding, but have LOVED doing yoga for several years now. Being able to combine both activities at once was like a spa experience! Veronica tailored the class to my abilities and she was knowledgable, kind, and fun! I’m excited to go back out on the water with her.” – Lisa

“I’m an experienced, long-time yogini and this was a fabulous way to generate fire in the belly (core strength and prana) and find the essence of asanas on a paddleboard! Veronica really knows how to adapt traditional poses to work on a SUP and creates adaptable versions based on individual physical challenges. Mostly it’s a great way to enjoy our beautiful lake and inlet in a new way and get a total body workout that will build strength and flexibility. Savasana is also great. You can float on the lake, eyes closed, and enjoy summer. Veronica is warm, friendly and enthusiastic. What better way to say you worked out with an Olympian!”  –Diane

“I must say, I was a little skeptical. I almost cancelled because I had just ended a very stressful day. I am so glad I attended! It was a unique and relaxing experience. Veronica was so attentive and patient. I’ve never paddle boarded before so I was a bit slow getting started. She was right there guiding and encouraging me until I got the hang of it. The Yoga was very relaxing. The sound and feel of the water under you just heightened the whole experience. I highly recommend this to anyone of any experience level. If I can do it, anyone can! Thank you Veronica for the relaxing yet somehow exhilarating experience:-)” –Jerri

“I have always been interested in yoga and the healing power of the outdoors so when SUP yoga was suggested I was ecstatic.  My first time there was amazing, the sounds of nature mixed with the feeling of the cool lake made it the perfect place to relax.  I was the only one in class to fall off the board but it was extremely refreshing.  The instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the entire experience.  I will definitely be returning!  I’d suggest this class to anyone who wants to relax and make peace with themselves and with nature”.-Grace

“Before I went to my first class, I was a little doubtful if I would like it.  However, as soon as I got on the paddle board, I was met with calming vibes and wonderful yoga poses.  The entire class, the instructor was very helpful and she made the yoga poses easy to understand and accomplish.  I can’t wait until my first class”.-Olympia

“It was a great and especially relaxing experience to do yoga on the water and I will certainly be attending more classes in the future!!”.-Lucas

“Veronica’s SUP yoga class was educational and challenging.  She gave clear instruction and great demonstration in all transitions and poses in her class.  I loved being in the sun, stretching, maintaining different poses and breathing in the fresh air and sounds of nature!  This was my first class in both SUP and yoga and look forward to more exercise on the water and in the sun!! (And I didn’t fall in!!)  Thanks Veronica for introducing me to SUP yoga and look forward to more!!”.-Sondra